Council of Exiles IT 2.0

Why are we updating?

With our memberbase and activity rising we have to ensure our IT services are up to the task. For this reason i decided to start a full on overhaul of all our services. This includes our very first shiny and blingy frontend that you are using right now.

What changed?

First of lets start with the frontend stuff. The frontend is based on wordpress which allows us to give our public community a small view of what is happening behind the scenes through news articles like these. Another reason for moving to wordpress is the addition of Woocommerce. Woocommerce will be used to sell some of our community merch that eventually will be released in there, aswell as potentially use it for custom ingame orders. For this reason we included a SSO mechanic to sign-in using your corp character for easy access, the SSO system also allows us to secure bits and pieces of the frontend without having to go through the massive authentication system that will be discussed later in this article.

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