The battle for X47L-Q, the longest day on EVE Online

New episode of the war in the North, the battle of X47L-Q mobilized more than 6000 pilots for 12 hours, a long day on the space MMORPG EVE Online.

If the history of space MMORPG Eve Online is littered with major conflicts and battles, it was above all the status quo between the two main entities of the game that prevailed in recent years. However, war is not declared between the two superpowers of the New Eden universe, but the conflict in the North between Winter Co – with Fraternity at the head of the bow – and the B2 coalition – made up in particular of Volta and Brave Collective — is indeed the opportunity for everyone to invite themselves to the festivities.

On the menu of the day, the battle of X47L-Q was at stake the second of the three phases of defense of a Keepstar structure of the Fraternity alliance, an imposing space fortress with the main specificity of being able to accommodate capital ships. This structure is all the more important since the X47L-Q star system also has a strategic location in the Pure Blind region, coveted for a time by Fraternity and now a line of defense to keep the constellation in its possession in this part of the universe.

It is above all the Imperium — Goonswarm and The Initiative — which is at work, eager to keep Winter Co, a coalition allied with its hereditary enemy Pandemic Horde, far from its own borders. This multi-cushion game of billiards also has B2 as participants — the main interested parties because the conflict is taking place at home — and the FI.RE coalition still in search of new territory after its recent expulsion. Several skirmishes had taken place before the battle of the day, in particular when the Imperium had installed Fortizar structures, of more modest size but very real, in the X47L-Q system to use it as a point of support for its future assaults.

The Battle of X47Q-L

The appointment was therefore set at 9 a.m. in our region, with a few maneuvers around the X47Q-L system before getting to the heart of the matter. While alliances are often reluctant to lose large sums in the form of exploding starships, a few hundred billion ISK vaporized in the morning determined that both sides would go all the way, namely the early evening still according to the same time zone.

Meanwhile, multiple fleets mobilizing up to 3,000 pilots in each camp clashed, with great maneuvers in slow motion, because the server has to hold out even if it means pedaling in semolina. If the course of the fighting is a real purge for its participants, it is because the pilots involved will give everything for the interest of their camp. Counting the battles around, the battle report finally measures more than 5000 ships destroyed for a bill of one trillion ISK and fairly balanced accounts.

However, the conclusion is not in order, because the result of this battle is to play next Monday – thank God it’s a holiday – the third and last defensive phase of the Keepstar. Depending on the outcome of this battle yet to come, the fortress will play the role of the Death Star, or be completely repaired…

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